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Before he was born, his mother had a miscarriage at five months gestation. However, she had exacting standards, and when he failed to meet them she would tell him with contempt that he was disgusting, noisy and boorish and would send him to his room for hours on end.Steve described his mother as “deceitful”—warm and inviting one moment and rejecting the next. Steve recalled that his mother had “horrendous” attitudes toward men and would often complain that they were “beasts”—loud, rough, and only interested in sex.

By the time Steve was three years old, his father was rarely sober.

Additionally, he was abusive to the whole family when he was drinking, but he was particularly abusive to Steve.

For months after his wife declared that she was leaving, he found that his sexual fantasies and urges to masturbate were becoming more and more imperious.

He realized that if he did not masturbate, he would remain “horny” all day, which would make him feel restless, irritable and discontent.

She would often undress in front of Steve, and would leave the bedroom door open before she went to bed.

When he was afraid, he would often climb into bed with his parents.

Following the pattern well-established by other potentially problematic behaviors and activities (gambling, shopping, eating, drinking and using substances), the relatively new realm of sexual activity based on Internet technology has created another challenge for individuals and society.

As with other behaviors, the vast majority of people who engage in “cyber sexual” activities (pornography, live webcam masturbation, sending sexual texts, interactive online sexcapades, etc.) do so occasionally, finding these activities to be enjoyable distractions that are ultimately not as satisfying as more intimate connections.

Soon enough, Steve found that pornography was not enough to sexually excite him.

His use of digital devices to achieve sexual stimulation escalated.

He found that being locked into the fantasies and rituals that preceded the sexual acting out were just as compelling as the actual sex act, perhaps even more so.

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