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Those deals were struck on consecutive days in early November.

Honig’s network was to get more than half of the shares to be issued for the bitcoin companies, which had little, if any, revenue and modest assets.

It wound up with the equivalent of 11.8 million shares, which soared in value after Marathon Patent said it was getting into the cryptocurrency game by merging with one of the bitcoin companies, Global Bit Ventures Inc.

The closing of that deal was delayed repeatedly, and Marathon Patent announced on June 28 that it had decided to walk away.

Honig and a handful of associates sold at least $70 million of stock in those companies — Polarity TE Inc. The companies, by comparison, had less than $1 million in combined revenue in fiscal 2017, and $180 million in losses.

Our investigation found that surges in their share prices were aided by a daisy chain of deals involving Honig and a recurring cast of business partners and investors. Stetson, Polarity TE’s executive vice president and chief investment officer; John R.

That was less than six weeks before Marathon Patent finalized the merger agreement.

A later SEC filing showed that the notes somehow found their way to a second limited liability company, managed by O’Rourke.Usually only chicken and pasta though; Angela’s proclaims that Carey a very picky eater, but that does not really matter to her.She appreciates and loves him and his love of animals, and will anxiously watch him over in Sochi Russia as he challenges for a gold medal.O’Rourke III, Riot Blockchain’s chairman and chief executive, and Mark E.Groussman, who once headed Marathon Patent’s predecessor and was a large shareholder in all three companies.The largest of those deals was cancelled late last month.

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