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Otherwise it is simply a "Clipping." When available, the source of the clipping (the name of the journal or newspaper), the author, and the clipping title are displayed in search results or folder listings.

Only certain sources and authors are searchable; if the author or source is in the database, clippings will show up under a search for that name.

Beyond that introduction, though, the Name/Date/Document type search functions have a few foibles that are helpful to know when looking for documents.

The following examples enable directory browsing for a site named Contoso and use the show Flags property to configure IIS to display the date and time modified for each item in the directory, along with each item's file size and file name extension. Get Section("Server/directory Browse") directory Browse Section("enabled") = True directory Browse Section("show Flags") = "Date, Time, Size, Extension" server Manager. Commit Path = "MACHINE/WEBROOT/APPHOST/Contoso"; var directory Browse Section = admin Manager.

Commit Changes() End Sub End Module var admin Manager = new Active XObject(' Microsoft. Get Admin Section("Server/directory Browse", "MACHINE/WEBROOT/APPHOST/Contoso"); directory Browse Section.

When no name is specified for the search and only dates or document types are used, all correspondence is listed together after other types.

If more than one name is specified, the results cannot be sorted by Document Type.

Some have partial dates; others are records such as accounts, which can span months or years.

These documents' dates are entered in the database with zeroes in the day or month places (for example, 2/00/77 for February 1877, or 00/00/).

To find an individual the first time, enter the last name as completely as possible but do not enter the first name, as the database may have only initials or possibly only a title ("Mr", "Mrs", "Dr", etc.).

That is, "Anthon" will retrieve all the names containing "Anthony" (first last name), but "Anthony, Frank" will not retrieve "Anthony, F A".

Clippings can be also searched for by date (although about 10% of the clippings do not have dates).

All collections of clippings are browsable (see Although documents have subject codes that show up in document descriptions, those codes were originally created for internal use by the project's scholars.

It doesn't matter—the search will work fine no matter where the names are. Document lists for those few folders with more than 500 items are broken into separate pages.

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