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The case comes as increasing scrutiny falls on Mark Zuckerberg's site around its status as a media company and highlights the mammoth challenge faced by the Silicon Valley giant when it comes to moderating content.

Over the past 12 months in particular the social network has struggled to lock down not only how it handles sensitive editorial content, but also provocative content from advertisers and ordinary users in terms of video, photo and live content.

‘We can all help women feel comfortable breastfeeding their baby wherever they are.

Facebook addressed the difficulty of real-time moderation in a blog last year, saying that on Live one of the most sensitive situations involves "people sharing violent or graphic images of events taking place in the real world.""In those situations, context and degree are everything.

For instance, if a person witnessed a shooting, and used Facebook Live to raise awareness or find the shooter, we would allow it.

Nick Ut's 'Napalm Girl' Facebook u-turned on a decision to censor the iconic 'Napalm Girl' photo taken during the Vietnam war amid increasing pressure from the global media in September last year.

Taken by photographer Nick Ut for the Associated Press, the 1972 Pulitzer Prize-winning picture was deemed unsuitable for Facebook due to the fact it depicted an unclothed child.

(a film where a man is in love with a sex doll), are “actually the three best examples in pop culture, because they all portray digisexual or digisexual-type relationships in a quite complex and sympathetic way,” he says. A Freaky Future Mc Arthur has yet to conduct any formal studies on digisexuals, as he has not yet developed the appropriate protocols and completed a thorough ethics review.

The show gets at some of the inherent uneasiness mixing sexuality and technology — two areas already fraught with tension — can bring. While he would like to gather qualitative data on the behaviors of digisexuals, the phenomenon is so new that the sample size would be quite small.

In addition, men were significantly more open to robot sex partners than women were.

As calls come for Facebook to crackdown on how it moderates Live posts, The Drum looks back at some of the challenges the social network has faced over the past year when it comes to self-censorship.

Bennett explained it could help women through the “crucial” initial period, after which things generally became easier.

PHE recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months because it boosts a baby’s ability to fight illness and infection.

The common thread, though, is that most women start off by breastfeeding.

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