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Talking about the film, the enthusiastic words tumble out of her, all accented and emphasised and delighted. " She tried hard not to be distracted by Allen's comic gifts, all the while maintaining "a semi-accent.

"Woody Allen is just like you see in his movies," she says of her other co-star in the film, which is written and directed by Turturro. Not New York – Turturro said he didn't really want to know where I came from, whether it was Israel or a little French.

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So I mixed them both, and I'm not the best at accents! "So I'll be surprised to see my accent performance." Then there's her music: next month the singer's current album, Love Songs, is receiving another push with a one-off UK show at the Forum in London.

"It just makes sense," Paradis shrugs, perfectly Frenchly, of her enthusiasm for promoting her sixth studio album one year into its shelf-life.

Judging by her demeanour – relaxed, scruffy-chic, sweary, smart – Paradis isn't a woman fazed by much. Twenty-five years in the spotlight can do that for a woman.

First off, the actor Paradis' new film, Fading Gigolo, is out this weekend, and there's promotion to be done.

However, it has one major flaw that will make many women skip over it. Lets look at another bad profile: “I went to school in the east coast, but now I work for a major software company where I work up the corporate ladder. I love hiking, watching baseball, and bbq on weekends.” – the writer must be reminded that this is a dating profile – not a resume or a sales presentation in front of his human resources department. as a rule, you should never start your profile by talking about school or work, as it’s not interesting and not really relevant to what you should be trying to achieve – to catch a woman’s attention.” “I love to have fun, party, dance, and drink of my buddies.

If you wanna hang out sometimes, holler at me…” – unless you are in a fraternity, you should never come across as someone who has nothing else to him but getting drunk and leading a lifestyle devoid of any real goals or ambition.

The band are new musicians for me but the crew is the same I've been working with for a few tours, so it's just nice to be together – travelling, singing, making music," she concludes with a flash of that famous gap-toothed smile.

Finally, there's the modelling: Paradis has an ongoing, 23-year relationship with Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel.

There's the shared childcare – she and Johnny Depp, from whom she split in 2012 after 14 years together, divide custody of their children, Lily-Rose, 15 this month, and Jack, 12, and her life is a constant blur of transatlantic shuttling.

There are the cigarette papers and pouch of tobacco she's currently balancing in her lap as she attempts to build a cigarette. Good thing the 41-year-old Frenchwoman has a hefty quarter-century's experience of taking care of multifaceted business, ever since "Joe le Taxi" shot the then-14-year-old to international fame.

I am a big fan of learning what’s a good through making a contrast between good and bad.

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