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It's the number one way in which many people sabotage themselves and their quest for love.

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Blinkdatingcom dating where you ll find your love

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You might be surprised to learn that most of the work of creating true love in your life is actually done before you ever meet “the one.”I have watched my clients and friends (and, not to mention, myself) find true love, and there are a few common themes in what comes beforehand. Your thoughts create your reality, so by thinking negatively you're essentially manifesting what you don’t want.

Here are eight things you must master before you can invite real love into your life:1. Focus on building a great relationship with yourself. Train yourself to think positively, expecting the good.3.

The good news is that communication patterns can be worked on and improved pretty much every second of your waking life.

Ask yourself, "Am I honest and sincere with myself? Role models matter greatly, because we learn from observing others starting the moment we were born.

Don’t let past experiences determine your future.7. You cannot selectively be a good communicator with some people and a terrible communicator with others.

You are either someone who has the integrity and the courage to be heard and speak their mind honestly, or you are hanging on to a tendency to suppress, avoid, or silence communication.

Must-have lists are formulated from a head space, but the head isn’t what falls in love or has compassion during inevitable tough times.

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