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It’s not always that way.” – Space Pug6 My take: A lot of people mistake strippers for prostitutes, probably because some of them are.

Most of these beliefs, however, come from watching too many movies with stripper eye candy. It all depends on what you learned and how you plan to use that information, regardless of your occupation.

#4 “I dated a stripper and never again went to [a] strip club, and never will. How she and all the women she worked with would admit and discuss openly among themselves how what they did was a step away from prostitution, how many of them took that step.

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They are starting to warm up I think, but I dunno if they’ll ever be happy. Everyone is so perplexed why a good young man like me is dating a stripper. Society is the only thing that gets in the way of these people’s happiness.

I don’t know what the future brings, but I’m very happy with where I am. Once you start to accept the fact that other people’s opinions don’t matter – even if they are from your family – you’ll be much happier with the choices you make.

But we’re now almost two decades into the new century. Legislations have been passed that allow strippers to work securely – some even have benefits.

Still, there is a hard truth that this may still be happening in the midst of all this progress.

The catch, however, is that no matter how impressive the idea of dating a stripper is, the reality is that not many people see it as a normal occurrence – or even respectable.

The worst assumptions about what it’s like to date a stripper We looked into what people had to say on Reddit about their personal experiences, and we had no idea that there was a full spectrum of opinions on the subject.In order of meeting them: Stripper 1 was a cute blonde that I met at a Cafe.She was intelligent, was into role playing games, and was a generally all-around awesome person with no issues.[Read: Sexy exhibitionism – how to get naked in public] The Usual “Heartbreak and complication at best. Strippers make their living making you think they like you.Most strippers have little more than [contempt] for their customers and imagine how often they get hit on by guys that pay money and then think “she really digs me.” My guess is she’s trying to see if you want to pay to f**k her.And I honestly don’t know when the last time I felt like that was.” – notgoodwithyourname My Take: A [Read: Sneaky signs you’re dating a genuine 24K gold digger] #3 “For the most part, they were normal women.

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