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I have no confidence issues till now, but that seems to be taking a hit.Its just not fair to screw with peoples brains like this.

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Its just a bad feeling when you are made to feel 80% less attractive then when you had a full set of hair.

Its very nasty of them to put stuff like this out there.

As insensitive as it may be, it's the truth and it's very superficial. But my main point is all weight loss programs advertise how good you would look after loosing the fat, but there are no commercials that directly imply fat people are less attractive.

Most guys do look less attractive, but a bald person is definitely not 80% less likely to meet someone than a person with a full head. I have always maintained that there is truth to the fact that your looks take a huge hit. But regardless I refuse to believe that everything else being constant a Bald guy would get 80% less sucess in meeting women. I haven't seen a single commerical where a fat women or guy get turned down, or someone advertises a study about how fat women are less likely to find a decent guy.

When I noticed that that study was conducted by a hair replacement company, I knew immediately that this is probably not an accurate study and that the company probably only brought to that newspaper to publish so that the company's sales of wigs would hopefully increase.

And I wouldn't be surprised if that so-called study is terribly inaccurate as well. If someone were to do the same study on fat women, everyone would be after them for being insensitive. If physical attraction wasn't an issue and bald men could equally attract beautiful women as men with full manes then I don't think balding would be an issue at all. It should be considered as insensitive as a survey on people with some non-life threatening disease being less attractive. I mean we don't need a study to tell us what we already know.They would almost surely need to apologize immediately and would lose a ton of credibility. Probably one of the most important things that Spencer does is to try to make the world aware that hair loss is NOT some kind of joke and really is a total "disease of the spirit".Khan, you're also right when you say that the people behind that study are really trying to screw with our heads.And the worst part is weight can be lost, but hairloss has very limited options. Yes I think it does, but these guys are screwing with our heads by making it sound a lot worse than it actually is. Pay Day said that that so-called study was conducted by a hair replacement company so that's all that I need to know.

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