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However, there are rules within the Gift Aid legislation that allow charities to provide donors with token benefits, within specified limits, in recognition of their gifts.

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I wouldn't want the agro of trying to justify a camp on a gift aid form to the revenue, or the damage it could do to the group. 3.46.3 There is a statutory requirement, under Gift Aid, for payments to be gifts.

This means that payments that are made to acquire goods or services are not eligible for Gift Aid.

A clear example of this is museums that ask for a donation for entry, they can claim gift aid on this but if they charge an entrance fee, i.e.

not voluntary, then they can not claim gift aid on that.

To achieve amximum attendance we cut costs to the bone, so no real profit margin is aimed at, the time and effort required to do the returns on a "few" pounds wouldn't be worth the effort.

If we did it as a sponsored camp then I run a serious risk of loosing money, if I put a figure on it then it is no longer sponsored.

3.46.5 The conditions referred to are: * that the payments do no more than secure membership of the charity * that the payments do not secure a right to personal use of any facilities or services provided by the charity Have checked with our GSL and it seems we are Gift Aid registered and have been for a short while ......

however , it seems that when the word came back that we had it , it was also accompanied by a load of paperwork ( which in normal fashion has never been read!!

HMRC has recently published new model gift aid declarations for single and multiple donations.

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