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I like speaking on any topic, mostly about bisnes, history, politic, religions ...

Wish to start learning Korean or Japanese languages..

The nomination of itinerant Ambassadors in charge of the Caucasus from 2004, then the opening of a Belgian Embassy in Baku in 2007 have increased this potential and allowed Belgian companies to settle in Azerbaijan.

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Single,study in ins titute to be physical teacher for kids.

Azerbaijan girls are pretty girls who are living at East Europe.

It would not be bad to have a Skype call 1 hour in English and 1 h.....

I'm looking for a partner to change experiences.

It is also a great way to improve your writing, reading and grammar skills. I think that's because my mentality and look are more English-like. If one of this languages are your native I need your assosiation to learn them and improve my level, to practice them!

Here are 20 of our most recent Ukraine pen pals that could become your pen friends. Hello everyone who would like learn, teach and discover the world! As concerns my hobbies, I love reading fantasy stories ..... As for me I can help you to practice russian and ukrainian. «The limits of my language are the limits of my world». I have many interests: music, movies, books, manga, anime.

Economic exchanges between our two countries have been particularly reinforced since 1992.

Many missions, led by the Belgian Agency for Foreign Trade (BDBH / OBCE) and afterwards by the regional authorities helped to better display the commercial strengths of both parties, particularly in the field of chemicals and machinery and equipment.

In recent years, our economic exchanges were on average EUR 90 million per year.

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