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Although she caused headache to Zeus, she was his favorite daughter.

She excelled in the strategy part of the war being the goddess of war than violence and she actively participated in the Trojan War.

The daily work activity is where the pattern spotting ability comes into play.

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This is the house of higher education and philosophy.

You may tend to be more concerned with large-scale problems than day-to-day matters.

Pallas in Scorpio can also make you obsessed with finding solutions to problems, or figuring out a secret and obscure pattern.

Of course, it is also good at finding the best way to heal and rehabilitate, and is excellent for helping others manage their money and resources.

Athena is the name of a Greek goddess who birth was very different.

Zeus the king of gods married a mortal woman Metis and she soon became a pregnant.

She supported Orestes who murdered his own mother named Clytemnestra because she murdered his father and he own husband Agamemnon.

Athena was the goddess who was virgin and had a son. She became the mother when Hephaestus tried to rape, and his seed fell on to the earth after Athena brushed it off from her leg. So, Erichthonius was born to Hephaestus, Athena and Gaia.

Pallas here makes it easier to solve problems while you are walking around the neighborhood, taking short trips, or communicating.

The problems you deal with are more likely to concern immediate, day-to-day good for working out strategy.

An excellent placement for a college professor or a diplomat (the 9th house rules long journeys and foreign places). There could also be a tendency to attract friends who are clever at solving problems. Someone with Pallas placed here may hold back their own problem solving and pattern recognition abilities.

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