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Courtney and Gev pop and lock through a hip hop routine dressed in matching over sized jerseys and caps.

Not only does Courtney dance the crap out of this routine but, dare I say it?

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With that cute swagger and those clothes she’s looking butch in a yummy Shane kinda way, ya know?

The judges love Courtney but don’t love Gev, with Murphy saying he didn’t hit it hard enough.

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I think they’re back on the hot tamale train but my ear plugs filter out her voice range. The judges aren’t sure about this with comments ranging from “really enjoyed” to “felt a bit phony.”Kourtni and Matt deliver a sexy mambo with some complicated lifts. The judges go on about it, as well they should, with Tabitha saying “awesome” about 47.5 times.

I can see her mouth opening and closing in a big O. The reaction from the judges is mixed with Napoleon telling Matt he needed to get “down and grindy” to Murphy who said she “didn’t believe the chemistry.” Lythgoe wanted Matt to be “butcher.” Let the boy be his swishy self. She’s talking about the dancing but I’m sure she doesn’t mind looking at a shirtless Twitch.

The music repeats a line about kissing so there’s a lot of puckering up and damn if it isn’t cute. Murphy deadpans, “I hate to be a downer,” then screeches, “I just loved it! I don’t know why Katee is wearing a huge bun on the top of her head — it’s distracting — but the dancing was freakin’ amazing, just bursting with angst and emotion. When Deeley asked Joshua about the dance, he mumbled something about how there was so much more to dance with Mia.

(The woman renders me speechless too, honey, I know what you mean.) Lythgoe says that they are one of the top couples to beat. Here comes the segment of the show that I’ve rewound so many times I have it memorized.

I love the guy but making Katee and Joshua do two-person cartwheels just doesn’t work.

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