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Well FUCK OFF, STAY AT HOME, if you're reading this.

We don't want you pawing our women, or setting fire or throwing acid into the faces of your own women, or chopping off their clits or beating up maids or shagging camels or whatever other vile customs you're likely to bring with you.

I Will belongs to you, and so does my whole body and mind.

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I'll get on my knees and venerate you like a goddess, you'll be able to use me, abuse me, rape me!

I'll be your toy you could play with, filling your days when you're horny or simply bored.

They had no escape plan to leave the country," Schanzer said.

"These are hallmarks of people who are not particularly sophisticated. They seemed to be making this up as they go along."Several links have been identified between Chechen guerrillas and al-Qaeda, according to an analysis by the Council on Foreign Relations.

Anyways, so I says how is that dumbass plan supposed to make me rich?

Famous I can see, but how is you gonna make me rich if I'm fried up like a crispy chicken nugget? Even when they get rid of a dictator they turn on each other. Ancient Egypt was an impressive civilisation for its time.

I have another theory,and it is valid and my most important original theory. "THE RATIO OF THE DEGREE OF SEXUAL REPRESSION ( HOW UPTIGHT, STRICT, ASHAMED OR EMBARRASSED ABOUT SEX) A RACE OR CULTURE IS, IS IN DIRECT PROPORTION TO THE CONTRAST OF THE COLOR OF THE SKIN TO THE COLOR OF THE PUBIC HAIR". Pale skin- light colored pubes(Think Swedes) VERY OPEN AND FREE ABOUT NUDITY. I'm very obedient and will fullfill all your fantasies, pleasing you in every single way you desire.

You heard it first ,here from me Jack , Sister Punished Hello ,31M Half French/arab from dubai , i'm wondering if you're interested in having a male slave at your feet, i'd be honored to fill this role for you.

Also the contrast of the color of the areola to the color of the skin is the same indicator.

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