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Home allows you to set scenes, which enable multiple accessories to work in combination — all with a single command.So you can create a scene named “Leaving Home” that turns off the lights, locks your doors, and lowers the thermostat.The Home app groups accessories by room, so you can easily control devices in any part of your house with a tap.

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For example, you can trigger an accessory or scene based on the time of day, your location, sensor detection, and more. Setting up a Home Kit accessory to work with the Home app is simple and secure.

Just tap the accessory or scan the Home Kit setup code found directly on the accessory or in its instructions, and it’s instantly paired with your i OS device.

Computer software is extremely complex, and problems happen — even with Macs.

This post collects the most common i Phone i Pad update problems for i OS 8. To safeguard your photos, the safest method is to transfer photos to computer first, then delete photos from your i Phone. Delete Apps and Games Focus on those apps and games that occupy too much space, or that you don't use that much, even ones that can be easily replaced once the i OS 8 update is finished.

The consistent issue seems to be going through Settings – Software Update, where the gears will continue to grind, but the update has reportedly frozen. A hard reboot is reportedly fixing the situation for those who have tried it, after their update stalls.

If you are suffering through the same issue, here’s what to do: hold down the Home and Sleep/Wake button for several seconds.

If you are holding a relatively old i Phone 4/4s or i Pad 2/i Pad 3, and you are keeping i OS 8/8.2/8.3/8.4 on your device, you won't want to miss this post. To get you around some of the size requirement, you can install i OS 8 via i Tunes on computer, instead of updating on your device directly.

Based on the problems that i OS 8 users have reported, like Touch ID issues, battery problems, Wi-Fi connectivity problems, Bluetooth problems, App issues, etc. Upgrading on i OS device means the installation package will be downloaded to your device.

Get Stuck during i OS 8.2 Download and Installation Q 3. This is a common i OS 8 issue, with the following tips, both of basic users and advanced users can solve this problem easily. Usually, the i OS 8 update process takes a while to complete.

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