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Howard said that some of them were probably too tough for her. Howard had Sal come in to answer the same questions. Sal didn't know what the Alamo was or what country Siberia was in. Ralph said that she's stimulated by Benjy's mind and anyone can get a girl if they're like that. He said that he knows Benjy so on the Stern Show but that's not what you need all the time. She wanted to talk to the camera and Benjy wouldn't let her. Howard said that they were going to take out the Cuba question since that wasn't really right. Sarah said she does not and the guy was just a loser. That guy asked who else she would have sex with on the show other than Benjy. He said that some women divorce over that kind of thing but it's just a way to kick them out of the house and take their money. Howard said she didn't win ,000 but she does get to walk out with 5,000 pounds of Benjy. Benjy was going to give her a plug for something but she didn't want him to. Benjy said that she's looking for some normal jobs where she can stay clothed. Howard said that Benjy is going to get jealous if she's out bartending. Gary asked if they could see her demonstrate one on Sal. Sarah said that he might hate fuck her later if she does it. Fred also played Queen's ''Fat Bottom Girls'' as they were coming back. He said that most of it went to Benjy and his girlfriend.

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“Knowing what your significant other likes and what is special to her is the way to have a great Valentine’s Day,” the former model says.

“Know her favorite restaurant, her favorite food, her favorite flower, or her favorite movie.

I love his food, his recipes, and his show.” The actor not only learned how to cook the perfect meal for his wife, but he also took home some new cooking skills that he didn’t have before.

The host shares that you need to “take your time; be careful not to overcook your ingredients; and put passion behind your food.” If you are still unsure of how to spend your Valentine’s Day and what to give your significant other, consider this dating advice to save your relationship and love life.

Antonio will next be seen in the new TNT hit, Rizzoli & Isles.

He will next be seen on the big screen in director Penelope Spheeris’ comedy Balls to the Wall.Then, surprise her and be a gentleman about it.” Related Link: ‘DWTS’ Star Antonio Sabato Jr.on Dancing with His Wife: “It Will Be So Special For Us Both” Or you can impress your partner on the dance floor this weekend. “I get to dance with my wife all the time and have had many dances with her since the end of ,” he reveals in our exclusive celebrity interview. Howard asked her a bunch more and she didn't get them all right either. Howard asked Sal some more questions that he asked Sarah and Sal was getting those wrong too. Ralph called in and said that hot chicks are dopey and anyone can get a hot chick. He said that Freddy had a lot more talent than Adam Lambert does. Howard said she actually yelled at Benjy in the green room. Howard went over the questions and Gary said he's not sure Sal will win. He asked her some questions of his own and she got a bunch right. Howard said Sal beat Sarah 3 to 2 if they took out the Castro question. He said if they're not fucking then why does it matter who he's going out and fucking. Benjy said he'll be fine with that as long as she's happy. Howard said he's tired of this and had to bring it to an end. Howard came back and said he gets upset when they say that Adam Lambert is the new Freddy Mercury. He said Benjy is still out there controlling everything out there. She said that she's not sure it's going to work out if it keeps up like that. has proven to be one of the hottest commodities to come out of daytime television, nabbing a series of prime-time roles and appearing in the most successful Calvin Klein underwear campaign in the company’s history.

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