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An analysis of the data finds that where liberals and conservatives actually live reflects their community preferences, with liberals about twice as likely as conservatives to live in urban areas, while conservatives are more concentrated in rural areas.

Later reports in this Pew Research Center series will dive more deeply into how political views are related to where people live.

Having access to the outdoors for hiking, camping and fishing also is a widely valued community attribute.

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When it comes to the type of community they’d like to live in, liberals are drawn toward city life while conservatives prefer small towns and rural areas. S., 41% of consistent conservatives would want to live in a rural area, and an additional 35% would choose a small town.

Fewer consistent conservatives (20%) would prefer living in the suburbs and just 4% want to live in a city.

More than three times as many consistent liberals (73%) as consistent conservatives (23%) rate proximity to museums and galleries as important.

There also is a wide gap among people with mostly liberal (59%) and mostly conservative (31%) views.

And while 73% of consistent liberals say it’s important to them to live near art museums and theaters, just 23% of consistent conservatives agree – one of their lowest priorities of eight community characteristics tested.

This section explores these and other key ways in which political polarization is linked to people’s personal lives and day-to-day interactions.Within this cohort, an emphasis on high-quality schools is slightly lower among conservatives than liberals.But across all ideological groups, this ranks as the top community priority of the eight items tested.This is a topic covered extensively by Craig Gilbert of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, in a four-part series entitled “Dividing Lines.” Despite their differing community preferences, liberals and conservatives generally share a desire to be close to family, good schools and the outdoors.However, when it comes to the ethnic, religious or political makeup of a community, there are clear ideological divides.Substantial majorities across all ideological groups place importance on living near extended family, though consistent liberals are a bit less likely than others to say this.

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