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And say, "If you love me this much then meet me half way."-WAR78MAN"husband has done the shouting thing too..to ignore it..the tables...husband used to yell for me if he needed help finding something...stuck his head in the linen closet...yelled for me to come help.

He got really annoyed a few times because I seemingly ignored him.

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very hurtful..have my own wife shouting irritatedly at me does not make me feel any more secure in myself..."-ROWLANDT1"married to hearing guy, he use the only communication with me in SL but sometime I use my voice...important to tell your husband how do you feel...maybe give him few options like lipreading test/Speech reading, if you said the following phrases with no voice.

See if your husband think you said I love you, Elephant Shoe, Olive Juice, island view, I'll have two..with your friend, if your family ask you what you just talk with your friend, tell them none of their business. Now I never feel left out when I eat dinner with my family..."-CILJ"wife who is hearing and she can sign very well.

We have decided that as soon as our daughter is old enough we will teach her SL, he's decided to learn as well."-KRS10"He never made an effort to learn to sign...

Fortunately, I was able to lip read well but in group settings, it was very frustrating for me..was being disrespectful towards me by not learning "my" language or caring about my feelings or requests.

It is getting frustrating"-HO1234"..frist i had to write everything then I got better at lip reading him but there is still time when I just want to say forget it and leave but I can't do that cause I love him..asking you to hear when she knows you can't she married you knowing your deaf and that you can't talk."-LAFUN69"He does sign a little... sadly, we are divorced now so keep up with him and teach him..."-SOFTSUMMER37"Why do deaf marry hearing people?

..believe love will take care of everything..the time it wasn't important...was.... Is language now more important than the love you had in the beginging?

It is easier for him to learn signs and impossible for you to learn to hear..."-BLUIZJUDY"..wouldnt learn SL...wasnt that hard on me but...sometimes I couldnt understand him. Start talking to him in SL and act like you cant understand him at all if he tries to talk to you without signing or make him repeat all the time and eventually he would get tired of repeating himself and then he would ask you for some help in learning the SL.

If he gets mad or makes excuses then he is not right for you..."-DEE72072"married to a hearing woman...didn't start losing my hearing until I was 15, so I didn't need to sign while I was growing up.

Forum members advised each other on deaf-hearing relationships (snippets follow): "husband...finally getting around to doing the fingerspelling occasionally ..a little bit of sign here and there.

He's not comfortable with it and never will be..."-FUZZYPEN"...husband is very difficult to lip-read...promised before we were married to learn signs but after we married, that was the end of his learning signs because it is easier for him to talk...

If he love you so much and so devoted to you, then he need to learn.

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